morning star
name: rain
age: 16
pronouns: they/she/he
Hello, I'm Rain the massive retweeter extraordinaire and I love Akehoshi Subaru! As if that wasn't obvious enough.

You can call me Hoshi, too. Nine is a nickname that Ven uses and Yun is a nickname that Yona and Zeno use. You can give nicknames if you want? Makes me feel special, lol.

I'm a Filipino, California-based student who loves napping and playing games. Those games include Granblue Fantasy, Lord of Dice, and Elsword! I'm into a lot of various other series, too. Anything mainstream, really. I hop around.

A major fandom I am currently in is Marvel, specifically the Marvel Cinematic Universe. My favorite characters include Shuri, Peter Parker, and Tony Stark. In this house we forget Civil War exists and support Superfamily always. Thank you.

I also like musicals, specifically Be More Chill and Dear Evan Hansen. Please introduce me to more musicals.

I'm no longer into Ensemble Stars. However I still like the characters. My best boy is, obviously, Subaru, however I am also a TrickstarP, EveP, ExFineP, LeoP, and OddballsP! I don't hate any characters at all, however I do make jokes about it.

...Speaking of idols, I'm a bit of a casual KPOP fan as well. I know, surprising. I like any group really, but I'm mostly a fan of LOONA. I guess my top favorite male and female idols would be Yeojin and Taemin? Like I said, I'm a pretty lax fan.

Anyways, on to the 'ole razzle dazzle.

BYF: I tend to type in ALL CAPS and swear a lot, that includes some slurs. I make dirty jokes however it is either tagged or put behind a privatter, depending on the level. Please tell me if you need anything tagged, but I will tag the basics! Also, I often get into (fake) arguments with my friends, but I won't seriously get into drama or anything. Please don't mind my continous single jokes.

DFI: I will not condone anything under the typical DFI Criteria. I will immediately block anyone who ships incest and minor/adult relationships, uses the terms "shota," "loli," and "trap," in positive light, and/or follows anyone who supports it. If you heavily hate any of my favorite characters and/or repost unsourced art, I will simply unfollow. That's how it is on this bitch of an earth.

If you have any problems with me, please just DM me or softblock, I don't like serious vagues. I don't want any trouble at all.